Are you using the right kind of wine glass to drink your vino? Are you even using an actual wine glass?? Take a look below and educate ya'self on the *proper* wine receptacles.

what you might be using, but shouldn't be

Maybe you're in college. Maybe you live a simplistic life. Maybe you just like being a lil' ratchet. Let's stop this madness. Leave these options alone next time you pop open a new bottle of wine.

directly from the bag

Ok, I'm not gonna sit here and hate on some good ol' slap the bag. Who doesn't enjoy the thought of chugging wine from a spout as a form of entertainment?? But, it probably shouldn't be your usual. And frankly, not really "socially acceptable" after college. "Twas a good run, Franzia.


Maybe you've done it, maybe you haven't. I know from experience that there's a few of you who were desperate for extra glasses- whether it was because you didn't have enough glassware in your dorm, or you and your roommates let every single glass in the house sit in the sink dirty. Either way, SHAME!  Your wine deserves better.

plastic cups

Yes, I understand that theres a perfect little indent that shows you exactly how much to fill to reach 5 oz of liquid ( a serving of wine). Thanks Solo! But, no thanks. This may be convenient, but does not make Solo cups an appropriate way to sip your vino. 

mason jars

If you log onto your Pinterest real quick and brush away the cobwebs, you can see all the millions of ideas crafty women have come up with for using mason jars in DIY projects. Unless you're the farmer's daughter, let's stick to wine glasses for our wine.


Do they hold liquid? Yes! Do they have a convenient handle? Yes!! Does yours have an inspirational quote on it? MOST LIKELY!!! But again, they're not for wine. Wine tastes like straight FUNK when drank out of anything other than a wine glass- anyone with me on this? 

let's set things straight

Red wine

White wine

sparkling wine

The only think worse than sparkling wine, is flat sparkling wine. (Can you tell I'm biased?) Using tall and thin flutes will preserve the bubbles in your drink!

Ever seen Olivia Pope drink red wine? Of course you have! (I see you, Scandal fans!). Rounder & larger glasses release the complex aromas of red wine.

Stem-less glasses seem to be a popular choice for white wine. But, you really should be using one with a stem to keep your hands from wrapping around the glass, and keeping your wine chilled!