triceps, bitch!

Pump those triceps with the exercises below!

tricep push down

Start by holding either handle (your fingers facing outwards on the handles) supporting your body weight. Lift and lower your body by extending and bending your arms. Think about using your triceps for the majority of this exercise.

Try to have your arms bend at a ninety degree angle, and move in a controlled motion. You could easily hurt yourself if you try and use too much weight at first. Use an assisted machine at first! Allow your body to lean slightly forward and really target those triceps.

tricep dip

Grip your chosen attachment with palms facing either up or down, as shown above. Have your ams at your sides, and bend your elbows allowing your lower arms to move up and down. Concentrate on using your triceps to complete this motion.

It's important that you don't allow your elbows to sway forward and back with this exercise. If your upper arms move with the motion you'll actually be using your back to assist the exercise, and therefore not concentrating on either muscle group.

overhead tricep press

Position the cable pulley at about knee height. Grip the ropes in both hands behind your head, and extend your arms upward using your triceps.

While doing this exercise, make sure you're not pushing your arms forward with your shoulders. It's important to keep your upper arms stationary, and only allow your triceps to move the weight up and down.