summer trends you have to try

written & illustrated by lauren madigan


There are so many reasons that you should own a jumpsuit for Summer 2018. First of all, it's the WHOLE OUTFIT IN ONE. How much less effort could there possibly be in choosing what to wear? I'm sold! Second, they all make your butt look amazing. Please, try to prove me wrong on this one. I challenge you. Not to mention, they're perfect for when you need to go out during the day, and won't be able to change before it cools down at night.

Relaxed slacks

Ok, so maybe they have a different name, I'm really not sure. Sue me! Basically they're loose-fitting fabric pants that fall right at the ankle, and tend to be flattering around the hind quarters. They usually have a cinched wist and fabric tie-belt. They're nice enough to wear to the office, but casual enough to wear to the bar or on a date. 

Highly decorative tops

Go above and beyond in Summer 2018. Look for tops with a wow factor, but that are still appropriate for your day to day life. I'm talking big fabric bows, draping, anything that has a small level of avant garde but still says, "office." As long as it's appropriate, you're free to express yourself. I found that I was much happier once I stopped caring what my coworkers thought of my clothes. In fact, I think it gave me an intimidation factor around the office!


They'reeeee back! Tell yo mammas! Give yourself a boost (literally) by investing in a bold pair of platforms this summer. They're ultra cute and make you super tall! All the benefits of heels without the pain and difficulty of walking!