the perfect top knot

This topic has really been irking me. If you're going to twist your hair up into a knot that actually looks like a pile of dog poop, then you might as well leave that mess down and free-flowin'. We leaving the poo poo pile in 2018 and having ourselves a lil' glow up to a big girl top knot. Here's how I fixed my own poo poo pile.

1. get that pony wayyyy up there

The first step to any chic top knot is the pony. Make your neck and face appear longer by putting that baby as high as you comfortably can. The goal is to be able to almost see the entire bun from frontal view. Avoid placing it too far back near the crown of your head. Unless you're a ballerina, or in finance maybe... I advise against it though.

2. start teasing

Next step is to start teasing small sections of the pony one at a time. (You might be able to skip this step if you haven't brushed your sad, ratty excuse for hair in 5+ days like me!!) Your standard hair brush will do just fine- just grip a small section by the tips and back comb it towards your head until most strands have fallen from your grasp and formed a small ball of fluff. Repeat until you've teased all sections. Now, don't start whining about how teasing ruins your hair. We know. If you brush it out gently at the end of the day and don't tease it too often, you'll be fine.  And if you're teasing it every day to put it into a bomb-ass top knot, then the quality of your hair really doesn't matter anyways, does it?? Moving on.

3. hairspray

An essential part of the stability of this look is hairspray. You can spray your teased sections as you go, or do all your teasing first and go on a spray frenzy when you're done. The goal is to have your pony have as much volume and fluff as possible. 

5. Secure the look

Once you feel like you've achieved the perfect shape (feel free to go back and tease/spray where needed), grab some bobby pins and the hairspray. If you've teased and fluffed your knot correctly prior to shaping, you should only need 3 or 4 bobby pins to secure the knot. But if you end up using 15 that's good too. We stan a secure knot. Just try to place them deep in there, where they won't be visible. Finish the look by spraying down your baby hairs and flyaways. Use your fingers or a toothbrush to really get those ones around your face. 

4. wrap that shit up

Once you've reached your full fluff potential (step it UP, thin haired bitches), you're ready to start shaping your knot. Gently guide your hair around the base, twist firmly so that sections won't be falling out, but don't twist it too tight because you'll suppress the volume you just worked so hard to create. Guide the hair into your desired shape, but don't push the hair down. Allow it to become a taller oval shape as opposed to a perfect sphere. The sock-bun trend is OVER!! A knot that is more elongated vertically is instantly more chic and less like a doughnut. Your hands are a great tool- avoid using a brush for this step, or you'll brush out the teasing that's allowing your bun to stay put.