Up your festival hair game


Ribbons automatically make everything more romantic. Try incorporating them into your festival hairstyle this year for a whole new dimension of texture and pop of color! Here, I imagined them being draped gracefully in a bubble pony. Tie the ribbon into your pony and incorporate it in your pony how you desire. Click below to watch a youtube tutorial on how to do the bubble pony. Keep in mind that although extensions make the look more glamorous they are not necessary!!


Bigger is better, as they say. Get some volume in your festival do by incorporating some serious teasing and hairspray. In this look, I imagined some high-set pigtails teased to perfection, and finished at the ends with some adorable braids. To achieve the end braids, you have to use a hair tie not only at the end but where the braid begins. Check out the tutorial attached for some teasing guidance (go ahead and skip right to 5:50, we're not actually doing cheer hair... you'll see what I mean). Get even more volume in those piggies by using some bubble pony technique (see above). 

glitter and/or jewels

An easy way  to give your festival hairstyle that extra bit of glam that at needs is to incorporate stuff that sparkles! Take a trip to the local craft store and pick up whatever jewels, sparkles, and tinsel you think you could incorporate.

Braids and beads

Give your look some texture with braids and beads! Beads are a super fun element to include in your custom hairstyle, because there's so many to choose from and so many styles they can be worked into. Try picking out some interesting beads from the jewelry making section of your local craft store, or go old school with some pony beads! You could even consider incorporating mardi-gras bead strands in some way.