we're bringing sexy... back?

Here's a few back exercises that are key to getting that "V" shape. 

Lat pull down

Grip the bar a little more than shoulder width apart. Sit with your back arched, so that your chest faces slightly upward. Pull the bar down to about chest level, and repeat this motion.


It's important here that you are pulling the weight with your back, and not working your biceps or shoulders too much. If your back is arched correctly, you won't be able to pull the bar much further down than your chest area. Try thinking about pulling the weight from your elbows, as if you didn't have forearms or hands. This will help you focus the exercise on your lats. You might have to lower your weight to target the right muscles on this, but that's ok!

seated row

Sit with your back and legs forming a ninety degree angle, with your knees slightly bent for comfort. Pull the cable towards your torso until you almost touch your stomach, and repeat the motion.

It's important here that you think about this motion as a back exercise, and not a bicep curl. Do this by consciously pulling the weight through your elbows, as if you didn't have hands or forearms. Focus on squeezing your lats and other back muscles while pulling the cable. 

Back extension

Position yourself on the stand appropriately. Lower your upper body, allowing your lower back muscles to relax slightly. Raise your upper body back to starting position by contracting your lower back and lifting through your shoulders.

If you aren't feeling challenged, try holding a weight in your arms while doing this exercise.