about lala

who is this bitch?

LALA SAYS was created entirely by Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Lauren Madigan. Lauren grew up in a small farm town in upstate NY and eventually moved to Boston, MA to pursue her BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts) at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. At MassArt, she majored in illustration and worked part-time as a graphic designer creating and designing websites and apps. Lauren also has a passion for trying new creative outlets and activities, such as cooking, sewing, and fitness. Hence, the creation of LALA SAYS. Lauren combined her knowledge and experience in website/app creation, graphic design, and illustration with her passion for trying new things and sharing her experiences with others to create a blog-of-sorts. Creating visual work that others can genuinely enjoy is her passion, and she hopes you love what LALA SAYS has to offer.